About Me

On a recent diving trip to the Maldives, a dear friend suggested that I share my travel experiences with the wider world. My credentials are merely a love for wild places, several passports which filled up with stamps before they expired and a passion for writing. I hope that reading about my experiences helps you enjoy a smoother journey or better yet, inspires you to go out and explore.

I settled on the name of blog because it’s ironic. Firstly, there are no laws to adventure! You could be in a rainforest, by the ocean or in the heart of a megacity and still find exciting, adrenalin-pumping things to do – it’s just a matter of talking to like-minded travellers who have been where you want to go or reading a blog such as this. Also, “Law” is my last name!

In any case, my travel style is active and I usually lean towards destinations that are off-the-beaten-track. However, that said, I’d go any place if given the opportunity! What remains constant is the fact that I’m more and more partial to coming back to a comfortable place to shower and sleep each night so expect reviews and recommendations for lodges, hotels and what some might call ‘luxury campsites’ – especially places with personal kitchens and bathrooms!

To help smooth your journey, I also provide what I hope are useful tips on what to pack, what road/weather conditions are like and where to buy or book stuff.

If you wish to use or reproduce any of my photographs, please ask first . Kindly also credit me in the caption and link the image back to my blog.

Alternatively, you can buy them here: http://www.shutterstock.com/g/thelawofadventures?rid=194920504

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