Sossus Oasis Campsite Review

Our opinion of Sesreim’s Sossus Oasis Campsite

Our very last camping night was spent at Sossus Oasis Campsite, in Sesreim. This site was conveniently located just outside the gates into Sossusvlei, Namibia’s premier tourist attraction.

Sesreim isn’t close to anywhere – visitors either come from the coast (ie. Walvis Bay and Swakopmund) or they drive from Windhoek. The roads here are challenging. However, once you get here, there’s a little bakery/cafe with fresh rolls and pastries and a small grocery shop in the petrol station. There’s also a mechanic if your car has suffered any injuries! All of this is run by the same people who manage the campsite, so check in the same place you’d pay for petrol.

Once you’ve completed check in, you can then drive just past the petrol station to your campsite. The sites are set in a circle, with a pool at the centre. We were allocated site no. 10, which was right next to the road.

Sossus Oasis Campsite No. 10
Campsite no.10 at Sossus Oasis.

The site was again, raked soft sand, spacious and had a covered area containing a shower, toilet and handbasin.

There was also a small counter with a couple of power points, a kitchen sink and a solar powered light.

Sossus Oasis
The sink, counter and entry to the bathroom.

Of course, there was also the all-important firepit and braai/barbecue grill.

The custom-made firepit at Sossus Oasis.
The firepit.

The pool at the centre of the site was a short walk from us, and we spent a fair bit of time hanging out in there before sunset. Then, we made a snack run to the servo – which closed at 5:30pm before returning to our campsite for dinner.

The pool at Sossus Oasis.
Enjoying the pool.

At dusk, a howling wind blew through the campsite causing people to take down their tents. However, by this stage we were pros, and had parked our cars in such a way as to create a windbreak. We’d also pegged down our tent with rocks so were smug little bugs! What we couldn’t be smug about however, was our proximity to the road. Cars raced down this road until about 10pm (nuts!) causing clouds of dust to blow right through our site.

Sunset from Campsite No. 10
Sunset from campsite no. 10

Rating: A-

Comment: Excellent with respect to facilities and location. We just got a site close to a noisy, dusty road. Perhaps request sites 1-5, to be away from this road.

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